Far North Farm is rooted on four acres of natural forest and meadowland in rural southcenteral Alaska. Of the 1.5 acres that has been cleared for production, about a third is planted in peonies (with more to come) and the remaining area is rotated between cut-flower annuals and nutrient rich cover crops. Bees from our apiary work their magic in an environment filled with cultivated annuals, perennials, and wildflowers such as fireweed, raspberry and rose.


We believe it is our responsibility to build soil fertility naturally, through proven sustainable farming practices, so that our flowers will thrive not just for today but for many years to come. We use non-synthetic natural fertilizers and source local soil amendments to the greatest extent possible.


Sustainable farming directly benefits our clients, who can feel confident that they are enjoying flowers free of the chemical hitchhikers often found on conventionally grown and imported flowers.


If you have any questions we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out by phone (8am-7pm Alaska time), email (any time) or via social media.


With gratitude,


Maureen Horne-Brine
Owner, Far North Farm

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